David Price has nothing to laugh about. Well, he probably laughs every time he cashes a check from the Red Sox. Price-sympathizers will be quick to point out that he had seven or eight great starts in a row. Guess what? At thirty-one fucking million dollars per year EVERY start should be good-to-great. In five of Price’s seventeen starts he’s give up five or more runs. Thirty percent of his starts SUCK. And then there are the other games where he puts his team in a hole early and the bats save his ass.

I posted this a couple of weeks ago about Price and the team:

Tonight’s game will be a good test of how good Price is, just as the series will be a measuring stick for the Red Sox as a team. If they take two out of three, I’m on board.

Well, the “ace” lost that game in his signature fashion – an early home-run to put the Sox in a hole followed by a late home run after the Sox battled back to a one-run deficit. The team went on to lose two out of three to the Orioles and are 6-10 since that game.

Safe to say I’m not on board and I still think the Sox will finish somewhere right around .500 and out of the playoffs.