For the last two years, September has meant nothing round these parts. Just a prolonging of the agony as the Sox slowly spiraled the drain to an inevitable and spirit-crushing last-place finish. But now… September means something. For the first time since that insane 2013 season. So please forgive me if, based solely on last night’s score and the fact that I’ve consumed nothing but “Eggo” waffles and Pabst Blue Ribbon for the past 72 hours, I predict that the Red Sox will return from this road trip a good four games up in first place.

Is it outrageous to think? Not at all. Especially when you consider all the positives from last night’s win, the first of a ball-busting nine-game tour that will see the Red Sox clashing with two of baseball’s worst teams in Oakland and San Diego, and their toughest competition for the AL East in Toronto.

First of all, David Price seems to have hit a groove at the perfect time, winning his fifth straight start last night. Over his last four starts he’s not given up more than 2 runs per game and he’s becoming exactly the guy we hoped we were getting at exactly the time we need him to be that guy. If you follow me. I don’t know about you, but there’s something awesome about baseball in September that matters and a fired up David Price:


Also, the offense, which has been shaky and inconsistent through much of August, found a torrid groove last night. Whether the emergence of Yoan Moncada is messing with his head or not, Travis Shaw responded to the talk of being displaced at third by cranking out three hits and knocking in 5 runs.

Oh and Moncada had his first big league action last night, handling his first-ever play with the grace of a seasoned veteran while showing off his cannon of an arm:

And let’s not forget to mention the bullpen. Yes, our battle cry of late has been, “for the love of God, don’t turn this game over to the pen.” But last night, returner Joe Kelly and newcomer Robby Scott gave us two scoreless innings with 4 strikeouts. That may not seem like much to shout about. But considering how our pen has been of late, it’s everything to shout about.

Okay, yes, it was against the A’s. Again, one of baseball’s elite shitty teams. But that doesn’t stop me from getting a warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s September, and for the first time in two years, the Red Sox are playing games that matter.

This month isn’t gonna be easy. But if last night is any indication, it’s gonna be fun.