I hate to break this to every other team in the bigs, but if you’re trying to stop a Red Sox team that includes Mookie Betts — a guy who just last night belted his team-leading 13th home run to help the Red Sox beat the Twins, then casually dropped the backpack kid dance after the game — you are, quite simply, screwed. Just shut it down now and focus on 2018 because there’s no way a team with Mookie as its heart and soul is goin’ down. No freakin’ way.

Just look at those moves. And fit Mook for his World Series ring right now.

Tonight was the third anniversary of Mookie’s debut in the bigs, and in that short time, the kid’s become an institution in this town. He may not have the physical heft of the Large Father, but I wouldn’t bet against his being the next number retired by the Red Sox.