This current road trip, summarized in one photo

This current road trip, summarized in one photo

The thing about being a Red Sox fan is that your mood changes like the New England weather. One minute you’re cursing Brad Ziegler and tossing your flatscreen out the window, the next you’re building a statue of Mookie Betts in your backyard.

So here we are again. After a homestand that saw them lose two of three to the lowly Yankees then beat the tar out of the lower-than-lowly Diamondbacks, the Sox hit the road for a staggering 11 games against 4 different teams — two of which are East competitors. If you had them down for a 4-7 swing, you may not have been alone. In fact, I may have had them down for fewer wins than that.

But something amazing has been happening thus far on said road trip. The Sox have been winning. Like, non-stop winning.

Building on their sweep of Arizona, the Sox have now won six in a row. More importantly, they’ve taken games against potential playoff roadblocks like Cleveland and Baltimore.

What’s made the first three wins on this road trip so remarkable is that they’ve featured respectable starting pitching from the likes of Drew Pomeranz, Eduardo Rodriguez and David Price. And if we’re gonna find ourselves in a potential one-game wild card playoff, we’re gonna need someone besides Rick Porcello to step up. And, no, I can’t believe I just typed that last sentence either.

Meanwhile, the team’s not-so-secret weapon continues to be Mookie Betts. After his three home run performance on Sunday, Mooks has gone 5-for-10 on this road trip thus far, with two home runs and 5 RBIs.

As of this moment, the Red Sox stand one game out of first behind Toronto and one game up in the wild card ahead of Baltimore. There are seven games remaining on this road trip, including four against the Rays. While 11-0 may be a tall order, I’m gonna go ahead and put them down for a game-changing 9-2. Yes, it may be the liquor talking. But these Red Sox are something different right now. They’re world beaters.