When it comes to baseball, the stadium floodlights have a huge part to play in illuminating the pitch and ensuring that both the players and the spectators can see absolutely everything that is going on, at all times. Baseball pitches are large, and the floodlights that are powered to use them must be bright at all times in order to really give the game the atmosphere that the stadium wants. We look at how baseball teams keep their stadiums so bright when they play at night.

HID Lamps
When it comes to baseball teams, most stadiums used to use high intensity discharge (HID) lamps for most of their overhead lighting. Stadium lights have a higher wattage than most other outdoor lighting applications, and because of this, they can illuminate the stadium extremely effectively. However, HID lamps aren’t always efficient. They tend to require a lot of time when it comes to warming up and achieving full brightness, which makes them not completely effective when it comes to keeping the stadiums bright when they are first switched on. Although these lights are exceptionally energy efficient, despite the high levels of light output that require a lot of energy, they are not always the best for lighting up stadiums.

LED Lighting
Because of the various problems that some stadiums have had with HID lamps, some major league baseball teams have installed LED lighting as a way to extend energy savings, control and boost the special effects that the lighting can create. E27 LED bulbs are just one example of a good bulb that can be used to light up a large amount of space. Not only are LED bulbs one of the most efficient on the market, they are also highly versatile. You can change the color of lighting at a click of a button, enhance and dim brightness, and quickly illuminate whole stadiums without any delay. Some stadiums are also located in downtown areas with high-rise buildings being scattered around. The stadiums need to make sure that their lighting does not reflect off these buildings and get into the eyes of players. LED lighting can be easily controlled, which is a great way to ensure that there isn’t any adverse reflection coming from these buildings.

LED lighting is also a great way to ensure that the stadiums are exceptionally energy efficient, even more so with LEDs than with HID lamps. Money is a big factor when it comes to baseball teams, particularly if they’re small and in need to save their money as much as possible. LED lighting can really help to reduce bills, and help the stadium to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, LED lighting can truly help provide a brighter, and more uniform lighting experience for both the athletes and fans. It is likely that LED lighting will be adopted by many more baseball teams in the near future, as it is both cost-efficient and can provide an excellent lighting experience for both fans and athletes.