Friend of the site, Chad Finn, posted a great article about Red Sox managers over the past fifty years. It turns out, Farrell isn’t the worst! Then you look at the list of honks and deadbeats below him, and you realize he’s pretty bad.

Yesterday was another example of how Farrell magically turned a W into an L with just a wave to the bullpen. On a day that Farrell basically conceded the game before it started – no Pedie or Papi and Clay on the mound –  he found himself winning the game in the late innings. But a 3-1 lead quickly turned into a 4-3 deficit and, ultimately, the end of the six game winning streak.

Reaction in Boston – specifically the cry to get Jon Papelbon – is another case of misplaced rage. Yes, the bullpen sucks. But even if it was good, Farrell would still not use it correctly. Papelbon isn’t the answer, a new manager is.

I maintain the opinion that there will be no October baseball with this jackass at the helm.