It’s Saturday and we’re all a bit hungover so I’ll keep this as simple as possible: last night, the Red Sox showed up in Houston coming off one of their most disheartening losses of the season, and set to face the best team in baseball. With Drew Pomeranz on the hill, I wasn’t expecting much. In fact, I had resigned myself to a lost series. But, amazingly, Drew held Houston to one run through 6.1 and the bullpen took it from there, including a pretty awesome showing by Matt Barnes, who overcame a bizarre “pickoff-throw-hits-batter’s-bat-and-goes-dead” situation and a two on, one out scenario. And when our pitchers do their thing, it frees up Mookie to do stuff like this:

Will Harris’ face says it all, no? That’s what it’s like to get Mookied.

But let’s get back to Betts. How can we have a legit MVP discussion without invoking this man’s name? Seems like everything positive that happens for our team, three times out of four, The Mook’s behind it. So who are we to judge if the guy wants to work an extended mix of the outfield victory dance?

Right now the Red Sox are the hottest team in baseball. One game out of first, nipping at the Yankees’ heels. And Mookie’s the guy leading the charge. Fasten your seatbelts, people. This summer’s gonna be awesome.