A lot has been said over the last few days about a confrontation between David Price and Dennis Eckersley, after Price took exception to some comments Eck made during a NESN telecast. For what it’s worth, not a lot of people across Red Sox Nation have been rushing to Price’s defense, instead suggesting that the handsomely paid and October-unreliable pitcher earn his stripes (as Eck has) before talking down a Hall of Famer.

My own feeling is this: these guys are coworkers, all part of Red Sox Inc., and like any work environment, there are gonna be people you can’t fucking stand and people you constantly look up to. That’s life. The trick is to have thick enough skin to get through your day, do your job, and achieve the common goal. At least that’s how always I’ve dealt with people whose hearts I’ve wanted to rip out of their chests and chuck in the paper shredder. Focus on the job, get shit done, go home. If Price is gonna take on a coworker as beloved in these parts as Eck — especially at a time when his own value to the team has yet to really been proven — then he better just prepare himself for a miserable remainder of his contract years or a quick, surprise hook out of town (see Garciaparra, Nomar).

But beyond all that, I’d have some major concerns before ruffling up the Eck’s feathers. And for proof, I’m just gonna point to his entry from the 1982 Red Sox Yearbook, presented in the photo below. When asked about his favorite type of music, the Eck proudly responds with “Acid Rock and Roll.”

I like that, because he’s showing us all the lengths to which he goes to rock out. Ordinary “rock and roll” is fine for you weekend squires whose toughest tasks involve mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage. But when you’re staring down the likes of Reggie Jackson in the sixth inning with bases packed, you need to call on the power of acid rock and roll, motherfucker. Otherwise, what’s the point? That’s what separates Eck from the common man. We’re just sitting here, bobbing our heads to Maroon 5, while he’s raising fire and brimstone on the back of a dragon, thrashing shit up but good.

More intriguing, however, is the Eck’s favorite movie: On Golden Pond. The f@#k? Somehow, I just can’t see The Magic Moustache finding escape in any flick starring Katherine Hepburn, so I’ll just assume he’s actually referencing some obscure Japanese flick of the same name that involves werewolves, mutant dinosaurs and an elite team of space babes from space.


Anyway, you wanna take on the power of acid rock and roll, David Price? That’s your business. Just don’t be surprised when those long-haired freaks take you down.