Look around, kids, because this is–hopefully–the closest this city will ever become to looking like a scene out of The Omega Man. Empty streets, empty stores, sidewalk cafes with food and half-filled wine glasses still sitting on the tables. Huge chunks of the city looking like a war zone with armored cars on the corners and armed guards keeping watch at the periphery.

I can’t even begin to put the last 24 hours into words or even attempt to make sense of it. But as we get ready to close out the most surreal week of our lives, let me just say that the Red Sox have been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal stretch. Not just the fact that they are winning–and they are winning huge, thankyouverymuch. But the way the players–for most of whom Boston is simply their current place of employment–have rallied behind our city and its people, and leveraged their “celebrity” for the common good.

This tweet from Lester after last night’s win was especially profound to me:

In a year in which we didn’t expect a lot from the Red Sox, they’ve become the gift that keeps on giving. And while postponing tonight’s game was the right thing to do, there’s a part of me that was looking for a Clay start at home to be the first step in something of a return to normalcy.

Eh, I’ll just take the money I was gonna drop on gambling and give it to charity. A much better use.

Stay strong, folks. Baseball will be back soon.