I’m tired of talking about bombs and injuries and manhunts and lockdowns and Chechnya. Right now, I just want to talk baseball.

Because what this city needs right now–like right at this f#$king moment–is the Fenway organ, that big-ass green wall, a packed house singing the National Anthem, Big Papi back in action and Clay Buchholz whittling his already stellar 0.41 ERA.

While all eyes have been on CNN, the Sox have just kept on adding to the second best record in the American League. Our pitchers are throwing fire. The line-up is making shit happen. And the team looks more “team-ish” through the first month than it did all last season.

The day I can’t lounge around my house with no pants, steaks on the grill, a cooler of beer at my side and Don and Jerry yapping through 300 decibel speakers is the day the terrorists have won. That’s just not happening.

Here’s to this city of mine and those who love and protect it. Here’s to the Boston Red Sox. Here’s to a better tomorrow. And here’s to Clay going 4-0.