I appreciate you offering to drive me to Pittsburgh.

No worries. Teets thought it would make sense. Give you a chance to relax. Find your peace. Get your head straight.

Although I notice we passed the exit for Pennsylvania a couple hours back.

I know a better route. All the GPS I need is right here. ::Taps his forehead::

Also, I notice my hands are tied.

That’s for me, really. I’ve got a thing about people messin’ with the radio dials. One time I was driving Lugo upstate and he kept putting on some crazy salsa music. That’s when I told him I could tie him up, or turn his hands into a pair of flesh-colored oven mitts.

Also, I don’t remember actually getting into this car.

That’d be the chloroform. A relaxation technique I picked up overseas. And you’re welcome.

We’re not going to Pittsburgh, are we, Mike?

If you want to think of a dingy storage facility on the outskirts of Chicago as “Pittsburgh,” well… I guess you could.

Shit. They warned me to keep my bedroom door locked.

::fumbles with the radio:: Hey, Everything But the Girl! Hope you don’t mind if I crank this.