When you get an e-mail from Red Sox Insider with the subject “Fake Mustaches” you have to open it. And it just gets better:

Lastly, our marketing folks asked me to send out word about our Red Sox TweetUp next Wednesday, June 29. They’re pretty excited about it because it involves some great giveaways and a Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo costume look-alike contest (with one heck of a grand prize), which I have to admit, could be pretty hilarious. Mustaches — fake or otherwise — always make me smile. Also, the array of Don Orsillo outfits (powder blue sport coats, etc.) could be pretty entertaining. Vote in the online poll and tell us if you will be coming dressed up as Remy or Orsillo. The TweetUp, fittingly, is going to be held at Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill. If you haven’t been there, I’d definitely recommend it. They have one of the best TV set-ups in all of Boston.

A bunch of fake Remys and Orsillos running around Boston? Awesome.