I asked the question almost two months ago and boldly stated that Red Sox fans would have no meaningful games after the 4th of July. And here we are, watching a Bobby Valentine-esque bunch of guys who just don’t give a shit being led into battle by a manager who wishes he knew a fraction of what Bobby V knows about baseball. And the pythagorean theorem or making wraps for that matter.

Three of the last fours years the Sox will finish in last place, with the 2013 aberration sandwiched in there. And I can’t believe I’m thinking this, but this season might be the worst of the bunch. We had the chicken and beer scandal, the Bobby Valentine circus, and now…what do you even call this team? With a farm system and a payroll like this organization has, we had the All Star Game’s version of the mercy rule in sending a scrub utility player to represent.

When the real games returned after the break, the Sox came out looking like a team who couldn’t wait to swing the gold clubs instead of the bats this fall. Early fall. They are unwatchable and unlikable and it’s way past time to clean house. Cherington has been an abject failure, ditto for Farrell. Now the Sox are hamstrung with the contracts of Porcello, Sandoval and Hanley. They have dug themselves a hole that will take years to get out of, unless they decide to eat some of those shit-sandwich contracts.

They are on pace to win 73 games and I’m not sure they will even hit that mark. What do YOU want to see for the rest of the season? Me? I want has-beens like Napoli and Victorino fixtures on the bench while the young guys get the next two months to prove themselves.