I, too, am old enough to remember the likes of Dwight Evans and have worshipped the false gods of Todd Benzinger and Joe Hesketh. I will always support a team of guys leaving blood, sweat and tears on the field every night trying to win. I don’t see that in the 2015 Red Sox. Much like I didn’t see it last year.

The starting rotation, with the possible exception of Porcello, is horrendous. And how does the de facto “ace” Clay Buchholz respond?

“I have have to do a better job of persuading I guess in a way. Couple of pitches that got hit hard, like I said, I felt like they were pretty good pitches.”

Sure¬†Clay, it’s your deficiency in the art of persuasion that landed you a 6-plus ERA. And those were great pitches…that’s why you’re 1-4.

Hanley Ramirez has been dogging it all year in left. He finally decides to hustle for a ball and somehow forgets there’s a huge green wall in left field. Ouchy on his shoulder, out indefinitely.

Shane Victorino…well, you know.

I know I’ll hear it from all the Red Sox apologists, but somebody on this team has to grow a pair and get people playing hard, or this is going to be 2014 all over again and we’ll be sitting around on the Fourth of July waiting for football to start.

In other news, I’ve decided all this crap started when Jenny Dell left. Middle-whatshisname is gone, let’s start the bring Jenny back campaign. I miss them her.