My pal Marianne, a long-time friend of SG, proud Baltimore native and Orioles blogger, is leveraging baseball to help her home city heal from recent events:

Like anyone else who was a ticket holder on April 25, I got an email from the Orioles with instructions on how to claim complimentary tickets due to the “inconveniences” of that night. Normally, I’d be all over this. What’s better than free baseball? But my family is happy to give the Orioles more of our money any time, especially considering how gracefully they have supported the city through this difficult time, and we recognize that we were privileged enough to buy these tickets to begin with, when so many are not. So, we’re donating our tickets to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Baltimore. I want to see these tickets in the hands of those same kids that missed out on meals last week and would never get the chance to see a game otherwise.

Read her post at Camden Chat to see how you can help out. You can also spread the word on the twitters with #OsTix4Kids. A great idea, and a great cause.