This is an EXCITING TIME to be a fan of excitement, because tonight’s Red Sox-Yankees game promises to be full of it.

For one thing, we’ve got Clay Buchholz, fresh off a missed start, looking for his eighth win against a New York team that would love to hand him his first loss.

We’ve got Youk playing third tonight for the Yanks, and probably ready to execute “The Full Lumberjack” on some of his old teammates. Not that I know what “The Full Lumberjack” is.

We’ve got the New York fans who will almost certainly be ready with their “cheater” chants, especially if Buchholz ties them up in knots early on.

We’ve got Zombie Mickey Mantle, who is always a threat to rise from he centerfield grass and devour somebody.

Most importantly, with a victory (and an Orioles loss), the Sox can dump the Yankees into third place in the East.

You’ve got the whole day to drink, people. The Red Sox need you at 8:00pm.

Thank you. And enjoy your Sunday.