The Red Sox have a two game lead in the AL East. Tonight they start a three game series with the team looking up at them. Grab-ass time is over, it’s statement time. Beating up on the Phillies, a team whose mascot gets more cred than the players, doesn’t mean jack. They did what they were supposed to do against a crappy team.

As Izzy Mandelbaum said, it’s go time. Sabathia vs. Lester is as good as May baseball gets. No more pitchers waving bats around and double switches, it’s AL East rivalry time in the Bronx. Things you should not be surprised to see on this site at some point over the weekend:

  • The Tek “glove sandwich”
  • The Steal
  • Zimmer rolling down the mound courtesy of Pedro
  • A bloody sock
  • Hot chicks spanking each other (check)
  • Kevin Millar
  • Red’s bare ass

So grab your jock, if you need one.