Here’s the thing: the Red Sox are the best team in baseball. End of story. Sure, “experts” will tell you that’s not true, or that the best team is actually the Padres or the Rays or the Giants or Brewers or the Kentucky Fluorides. But I’m here to tell you that it’s the Red Sox. This was a team built from spare parts, a team that lost Mookie and Jackie, a team that spent last season in the basement. No one knew what to expect. But pretty much everyone figured they wouldn’t be good.

Turns out they are. End of June and they’re tied for the best record in the AL. More come from behind wins than any other team. More spunk. More fire. More chemistry. They’ve got four guys who are shoo-ins for the All-Star Team and you could make the case to send the entire team plus Wally and Eck and the guy who makes the clubhouse ravioli. That’s how much they’ve got it over every other team.

And the most amazing thing? They’ve done all this winning and ass-kicking without one of the greatest pitchers to ever walk the earth. If you think other teams are scared of Boston now, just wait until Chris Sale is healthy enough to take the mound. A Chris Sale who’s fully rested and has something to prove. I pissed my pants just typing that and I don’t have to bat against him.

The only fair and equitable solution is that the Red Sox should just allow other teams to take a pass. To surrender outright and take the L. To not even embarrass themselves by stepping on the field and being flattened by the juggernaut. Just wave the white flag, and our boys can spend their time working out, chasing tail and sampling exotic meats. Save their energy for the postseason, where it counts the most.

Remember, other teams: there is no shame in surrendering to your superiors. Especially when your superiors are starting Chris Sale.