No need to get into a lot of detail about last night’s Red Sox game. Another shit start, this time from E-Rod, and a late-inning rally that fell short. I know every game counts and we’ll look back on this if the Sox lose the division by a game. But it’s way too early and I’m far too hungover to get all amped up with less than a week of results under our belts. If we have to suck — and every team hits its suck at one point in the season — I’d rather get it out of the way up front.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to make sure you saw the one highlight of last night’s game: Mookie Betts making another phenomenal defensive play. This time a snow cone catch that his agent was most certainly burning to his highlight reel seconds after it happened. It was a gorgeous play, and another reminder of how much fun he is to watch.

Here’s my crappy Tweet video, followed by NESN’s hi-def magic.

If we could even contemplate floating a five-year contract to fucking Pablo Sandoval, we better be prepared to lasso the moon and reel it in for Mookie. Just sayin.