Look, I love me some Steve Pearce home runs and Joe Kelly losing his shit after striking out the side and Benintendi making highlight reel catches. But for me, the single greatest moment of the 2018 World Series came at the end. When noted d-bag Manny Machado swung and missed at the last pitch of the season, falling to the ground and capping a lackluster performance in a time when his team needed him most.

Red Sox fans, of course, will never forgive this asshat for spiking Dustin Pedroia last season, effectively ending the Elf’s 2017 and 2018 (and clearing the way for the Ian Kinsler era). He was up to his old tricks in game four, putting more focus on stepping on Steve Pearce’s foot than actually hauling ass to first base.

Because I am shallow and easily excitable and always looking for new targets for my wrath, I called for this World Series to be renamed “Operation Keep Manny Machado Ringless” from day one. I didn’t care what the stat guys or experts at Be a Better Bettor were telling me; I hated the guy:

So you can imagine my pleasure when I saw God shuffling the cards in the bottom of the ninth of game five. As Chris Sale came into the game, wheeling and dealing, a slack-jawed Machado emerged from the dugout, looking like he may have considered pulling the Dodger Stadium fire alarm to avoid this at-bat. Naturally, I was all in:

And then the blessed event happened: Machado actually made the final out. But it was even better because he also managed to knock himself to the ground with that final, excruciatingly yet tantalizingly awful swing:

And there it was. All of our dreams coming true in one instance. Machado defeated, lumbering back to the dugout a broken (albeit rich) man, and the Red Sox celebrating their triumph over the world’s ills, most of which are straight-up caused by Machado.

Now we just sit back and wait for Machado to take his rightful place among history’s most hated players by signing with the New York Yankees. You know it’s coming, people. And honestly, I can’t wait.