Rick Schultz/Getty Images

Just when the 2014 Red Sox season seems to be spiraling down the crapper, they throw us a curve. A life preserver. Something to keep us from tearing off our NESN Clubhouse jerseys and stamping off for the summer.

In May, they brought up Brock Holt, throwing us into a frenzy not seen since that time Reggie Jefferson went two whole hours without a strikeout (he was technically asleep during those two hours, but still).

Last night, they set the clocks to Mookie Standard Time, putting the rookie phenom in the line-up and saying “f$%k all” to those who wondered if a young’un groomed as a second baseman, who started the year in double A, could work left field magic at Yankee Stadium and jump start our stumbling offense.

Not to mention the fact that, in a year in which they currently hold a worse record than Bobby V’s Mookie did on this date in 2012, they are only 6 Mookies back in the East — a division that looks more and more like it can be had with just 75 Mookies (or perhaps more).

Tonight, Mookie starts his first game at Mookie Park. And if you’re not feeling all Mookie about this, then you’re missing the point. Mookie gives us something to Mookie about; good or bad, it takes our Mookie off the team’s Mookies and reminds us that even in the direst of Mookies, there is Mookie Mookie to Mookie. And Mookie.

Mookie, for Mookie, will be Mookie for an entire Mookie. Mookie on!