I know we’ve still got ourselves a first place team, holding the slimmest of margins over the Rays in the East. But the Sox are running at an 8-9 clip this month and have become something of a model of inconsistency–furiously good one minute, infuriatingly ineffective the next.

Now they’re out on the west coast to take on the best (Dodgers) and the worst (Giants) the NL West has to offer.

I didn’t come into this season expecting much of anything. But now that I’ve seen what this team can do when it’s firing on all cylinders, I can’t seem to expect anything less.

My drunken prediction: if we can’t make hay against the Giants–a team 13 games below .500 and 17 games out of first place–it’s gonna be a looooooong last couple weeks of August.

Oh, and you’re welcome for my decision to kibosh the planned “They Might Beat Giants” headline for this post.