That’s right, folks, I’m in. After months of resisting the allure of the 2013 Red Sox, I can resist no more. Why now, you ask? The hot start in April wasn’t enough. The new and improved John Lackey wasn’t enough. The improbable come-from-behind, walk-off wins weren’t enough. Why now?!?!

Two words: Jake Peavy. After one start, I’m convinced he is the secret weapon that will push this team deep into the playoffs. Sure, they were on pace to make the post-season, but were they really in a position to advance? I’m not so sure. With the addition of Peavy’s gritty toughness and general batshit craziness, I think they have a shot.

Today is August 5th, 8/5/13. 8+5=13 and 1313 Mockingbird Lane is the home address of Herman Munster. Hence the photo…yeah, that’s how my mind works. And if the team tanks because I jumped on board on a date that has two 13’s…it’s just a coincidence.