Man, when the Red Sox offense goes missing, it’s harder to find than Bigfoot. Matt Moore is no slouch, but two hits? Unacceptable. To make matters worse, the limp bats squandered a decent performance by Brandon Workman. The Sox generally save these types of games for a Lackey start. The Rays are now just a half game back, and those pesky Orioles are going to finish the night just two-and-a-half out. And we are going to finish the last week of July in a three-horse race.

I don’t know what it is about this team, but I keep waiting for them to collapse. I have trouble believing in the starters, and the line-up just isn’t intimidating. But they keep proving me wrong, and I’m fine with being wrong. The Rays’ pitching scares me, the rest of the AL East, not so much. I laugh every time I look at the Blue Jays in dead ass last.

Tomorrow, we get Lester. Will he be the mediocre pitcher he’s been all season, or will he find the badass he used to be?