Maybe it was the frustration of dropping out of first place finally taking its toll or a bad call that really, really pissed him off. But David Ortiz took out all his frustrations and then some on the dugout phone, while million-dollar man Dustin Pedroia tried to steer clear of the shrapnel. If you haven’t seen this raw display of anti-phone sentiment yet, my shitty recording may do the trick.

Thankfully, Papi had the good sense not to go the “Full Tavarez” on the phone with his bare hand and put himself out of the pennant race.

Elsewhere, the only thing Stephen Drew hit was baseballs. For two home runs. So that helped us pick up a rare win vs. Baltimore and stay one-half game behind the Rays.

Today, we got Lester on the hill. The Red Sox are the -112 underdogs according to the betting sites. But that’s just how we like it. Gotta take that series, boys. Gotta take it.