The only black spot on this effervescent (so far) Red Sox season has been that Jerry Remy hasn’t been around for a good chunk of it.

Over the last couple years, the guy’s battled everything from cancer to depression, not to mention the regular pummeling leveled on his eyes by Jim Rice’s shirts and Heidi Watney’s pants. But whatever’s got him this time — and reports have ranged from pneumonia to no report at all — seems to have got him good. And his prolonged absence this season reminds us of how good we had it, and for how long.

All we can do is wish the guy a speedy recovery, because watching DO without his go-to guy is like watching Robin trying to single-handedly take down all of Arkham Asylum’s inmates without Batman. Although I assume Orsillo is actually wearing pants.

We got two with the Rays today. Let’s win ’em both for Jerry, man. Let’s do it for Jerry.