We have a lifelong rivalry with the Yankees. We brawl every chance we get with the Rays. But lately, it’s the friggin’ Baltimore Orioles that are putting the hurt on us. The Red Sox had a chance to put some distance between them and the rest of the AL East. Instead, the division is as congested as Rt. 95 on a Friday afternoon. Christ, even the Blue Jays have won six in a row and are still in the mix.

One mystery was solved over the weekend: now we know why Lester was walking so many people. Because when he throws the ball over the plate, the batters hit it! I fear the results of a Red Sox team with Lester pitching the way he has been (0-4 with a 7.2 ERA over his last six starts).

Tomorrow, a double-header to kick off a three-game set with the Rays, then four against the Tigers. Keep the Maalox handy and the vodka handier.