Thanks to SG reader Ross for the photo

I originally wanted to title this post “Today Mike Napoli will get his groove back and hit three home runs” but then I thought about how much good yesterday’s Lackey post helped Lackey so I’ll just keep it on the down-low.

But I will say this: I have a feeling that LESTER VS. DICKEY will be a game for the ages. In fact, I will be DVRing this sucka because I am convinced that one day MLB will be selling it as a collector’s edition DVD in a special commemorative leather slip case with commentary from both pitchers, their high school coaches and Marky Ramone because why the hell not. I may even burn it and sell it myself. (Heh-heh, just kidding, FBI. Just kidding. Maybe.)

In simplest terms, a win today means going back home 4-2, which is a pretty respectable showing against the Jays and Yanks. Of course, 3-3 wouldn’t be half bad either, seeing as how the last few seasons have groomed me to accept mediocrity in its various forms. But a winning road trip before Fenway Opening Day against the Orioles? Yes. I want that.

So spark up the grill, crack the beers, drag that thrift shop couch out onto the front lawn (don’t let them fool you, the neighbors love that shit) and let the good times roll.

Also, Lester Dickey would have been an awesome name for a ’70s heavy metal bassist.