Like most of you, my expectations for the 2013 Red Sox were pretty low. As in “if no one on the team is convicted of murder, I’m happy” low. I’m not looking for world beaters. I just want a team that seems to give a shit about winning.

So it’s tough to keep enthusiasm in check as they continue to rack up the wins. First place in the East and the second best record in the league are good things. It still tells us absolutely nothing about this team and their “hangability.” But I’ve been happier the last couple weeks than I was for the last four months of the 2012 season.

Yesterday’s walk-off win against the devil-like Rays helped put a few more country miles between us and 2012. Watching David Ross smash that beer while pursuing a foul ball in the crowd, seeing Lester grind out another great performance and having everything come together in the first walk-off home of the season got me all riled up with “what could be.”

Maybe lowered expectations are just what we needed. Maybe without a fully stocked line-up, we’ll make things happen in ways last year’s team couldn’t dream of. Maybe this is the best Red Sox team since 2007’s model.

Then I slapped myself back to reality. One game at a time. That’s how I’m gonna roll.

So go Clay.