Look, I know you’ve got things like “jobs” and “lives” and “community service” to keep you busy this morning. But the Red Sox need you, man, and let’s face it, they’re going to give you more satisfaction in the long run than any of those other things combined.

Yesterday we had a near-no hitter from Clay Buchholz, who, in case you weren’t paying attention, is carrying a 3-0 record and a 0.41 ERA. A couple weeks back we had three home runs in one game from Will Middlebrooks. Who knows what magic today might bring? Maybe a walk-off home run like Mark Loretta’s 2006 jobber. Or someone hitting for the cycle. Or an escaped gorilla holding section 19 hostage. Or a Dempster-inspired riot in the Back Bay.

When the Red Sox play their annual Patriot’s Day game at 11:00am, anything can happen. So get your ass out of bed, tell the boss you’ve got an “important meeting” with “Sanchez up the road” and assume the position. The team we expected next to nothing from has got the second best record in the American League. More importantly, they’ve got a chance to day to win their third game in a row for the first time since last July. Who knows when the gravy train will run dry? Might as well enjoy it while we can.

It’s Jackie Robinson Day and a chance to sweep away the Rays. I’ll drink to both.