Last night’s game was certainly the most wretched of this young season. It was essentially over by the second inning, and the only thing that kept me watching was a sick fascination that Aceves might lose his shit and attack the next batter he walked. Although when you walk 543 batters, the odds are no longer in your favor.

This afternoon–and it’s a 4:05 start for those of you looking for an excuse to leave work early–we have Jon Lester on the hill, so excuse me for feeling a little confident. Lester’s 1.75 ERA and renewed sense of ballsiness have helped wash away the nasty taste of 2012, and his starts have been Must See TV thus far.

This one’s for the series. Also at stake are bragging rights for the most wins in the American League. At least for a few hours, until Texas plays the Angels tonight. Time to shake off this one-win-in-the-past-four-games bullshit. I for call victory!