Well, not exactly. But hearing that the Yankees were kicking the tires on Manny Ramirez brought to mind a rant from the latest Cashman-Headwarmer Dialogue.

Of course, having lost out on Crawford and Lee, I’d expect the Yanks to be looking into just about everyone short of Ron LeFlore.

Keep yourself safe this Christmas Eve. No free-basing Pixy Stix with Julian Tavarez.

BONUS BATTER: Last month, the good folks at Criterion released the 1968 film Head on DVD. I’ve been blathering on about the film from time to time on this here blog, but I have to say again, if you’ve never seen it, try to see it.

Yes, it’s infamous for being one of the Monkees’ last gasps (at least before their MTV-inspired ’80s comeback), but the best way to describe the film is… that it’s indescribable. Oh, and it has Terri Garr, Frank Zappa and a talking cow.