kevin millar

Or, on the other hand, maybe… let us? Come on, wouldn’t a seven game ALCS be awesome? Think of the ratings! The drama! The raw, bare-knuckle suspense of nine innings of winner take all, loser goes home baseball.

The end of a baseball season, especially when it comes in the playoffs, is like the cancelation of your favorite show. Suddenly, it’s just gone. All those characters you got attached to, all the storylines you followed, all the catchphrases you hollered at the screen. In one Thanos snap, it’s all gone, tucked away in the corner of your mind until next spring.

But get a win, work that Kevin Millar mojo one more time, and it’s like that same favorite TV show getting renewed. We get another episode tomorrow, and the possibility of seven more episodes on top of that.

To be honest, I’m not ready to say goodbye to this 2021 Red Sox team. I also enjoy heavy drinking and throwing punches at inanimate objects and tossing random objects/pieces of furniture out the window. For those reasons alone, I hope we can squeeze a few more games out of this postseason. Because I need a few more days of this behavior before I buckle down and get myself straight for the holidays.

I hate to put the jinx on us, but I’ll call it. If the Red Sox win tonight, we got this. But either way, nothing beats a freakin game seven. let’s get it.

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