Watching game two of the ALDS was a painful experience, with David Price knocked out early and most of the Red Sox bats locked in eterna-slumber.

But we still got a pretty cool highlight when reliever Ryan Braiser told noted lollygagger Gary Sanchez to “get the fuck in the box” after GS stepped out a few too many times. The line (and variations of it) were an instant hit with Red Sox Twitter, prompting this exchange with one of our favorite displaced Bostonians, Kay Hanley:

To say she delivered on the challenge is an understatement. In the time it took me to open a beer and make a roast beef sammich, Ms. Kay had worked out an epic pop tune:

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be psyching myself up for game three with insane amounts of meat and booze and “Get The Fuck In The Box.”