If you’re a baseball fan, then you must have heard of legends like Ty Cobb, Willie Mays and Walter Johnson. If you haven’t or if you are new to this sport, then you better get your baseball thrills alive by watching their greatness in some of the best baseball compilation videos. Baseball has not been the most famous sport in UK but the league is now expanding its horizon and the British Baseball Federation is doing really well at all levels. And since it’s the perfect season for getting out of your homes and enjoying the calm sunlight, why not swing a few shots? We list down 5 basic tips for new learners:

Tip #1 – Know the rules.
If not all of them, learn the most important ones. You’re a novice and it’s not expected from you to transform into a Baseball guru overnight. Baseball is played between two teams of 9 players each, with each team getting the chance to play the offensive (base running and batting) and the defensive (fielding and pitching). The core of the baseball pitch consists of four plates, including one home plate. The aim of the batting team is to score as many runs as possible by striking the ball and running between all the four plates. The batter stands on the home plate while facing the ball. On the other hand, the fielding team tries to prevent the runs and/or tries to strike the batters out. After three successful outs or dismissals, the teams interchange roles.

Tip #2 – The general baseball terms.
Another important part of learning the game is to learn its most commonly used terms. Just like every other game or sport, baseball has its own language. Below is a brief list:
Pitcher – The player who throws/swings the ball at the batter.
Catcher – The player from the fielding team who stands guard behind the batter.
Strike/Strike out – When a batter misses three hits and the ball is caught by the catcher behind him.
K – A strike is also called a ‘K’ sometimes.
Circuit – Used to denote the four bases of the pitch between which the batters make their run.
Baseball diamond – Used to denote the shape of a baseball pitch.
Home run – A hit that allows the batter to complete one run with a single hit.
Innings – Each division of the game where both teams get the chance to bat.
Extra innings – When the score of the game is tied, an extra inning is played.

Tip #3 – The baseball kit.
Once you think you’ve understood quite a bit of this game; it’s time to step out for some shopping. Baseball has its own traditions when it comes to jerseys and game kits. Every team has its own jersey with their unique logos imprinted on them. Apart from the jersey, the game consists of the following playing equipment:

Apart from the jersey, the game consists of the following playing equipment:

Bat – Of course, wooden baseball bats, the rounded piece of ash wood used to hit the ball. Conventional bats were made only of wood. Modern bats have a piece of metal in the core, surrounded by wood.”
Ball – The cork or rubber-centered sphere wound with yarn and clothed with a sheet of leather stitched on the outside. Also known as baseball.
Glove and catcher’s mitt – Webbed leather gloves worn by the baseball players. The catcher wears a different covering called as the catcher’s mitt. It is much more secure than the regular gloves in order to brace the direct impact of the ball.
Base – Four corner markings on the baseball pitch. The batters run between these bases.
Batting helmet – The helmet worn by the batter to secure the face and the ear facing the pitcher. Beginner’s helmets have a covering for both ears.
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Tip #4 – The swings and the misses.
In the beginning, you may not be hitting every ball out of the park, or pitching the ball inside the permitted zone quite frequently. But that’s ok, even the best players of the game began as learners. And it’s always good to regularly practice the basics of baseball. While batting, assume the right stance. From the feet till the head, your entire body must be at ease and harmony. Eyes at the pitcher’s hand and then on to the ball swung at you. The same tactic goes with the pitcher. The perfect vision, transformation and the right stance will do half of your work. And certainly, the best way to learn the game is by watching and following the best at MLB (Major League Baseball).

Tip #5–Safety.
Baseball, just like other outdoor and physically exhausting sports, demands utmost carefulness from its players. The equipments used in the game are constructed with materials that are tough and hence, a miss-hit by the bat or a swayed throw of the ball by the pitcher or the fielder can lead to severe injuries. The batters are strictly advised to wear a strong guard under their pants and a helmet on the head. Same goes with the catcher who takes position right behind the batter. Other necessary coverings like knee guards and gloves must also be worn to safeguard the hand and knees from the super-fast impact of the ball. The Richest has listed down some of the worst injuries that had taken place in professional Baseball history.

It doesn’t really have to be a full-fledged baseball stadium where you do your basic training and casual playing. You can try out the sport in your local park with your own group of friends. It’s all about having fun and swinging that ball right-outta that park while keeping your lads and yourself safe!