Throughout this season, from the first pitch on Opening Day to the final flushing of the Sox in the ALDS, the drums have been sounding for John Farrell’s head. When the Sox got swept away in the postseason, put to bed without one stinkin’ win, I figured that the anti-Farrell faction would finally get their wish.

But, no. Mere hours after the curtain dropped on the Red Sox’ 2016 postseason — a postseason in which an AL east contender that we could have snuffed out keeps advancing — Dave Dombrowski announced that we would still have John Farrell to kick around in 2017.

It’s a move as crazy as it is genius. After all, Farrell’s record with the Red Sox includes two last-place finishes and two trips to the playoffs. Why not let the fifth season be the tie breaker and decide his fate. And that’s assuming he lasts an entire season; having Farrell on board gives ownership a convenient scapegoat if next year’s team looks as lifeless coming into the season as this year’s model looked going out of it. Don’t be surprised if the Sox tank early and Johnny Boy’s selling title loans in Boston or hot dogs on Yawkey.

Hey, being manager of the Red Sox is a thankless job. When they win, it’s the players. When they lose, it’s the manager. Or at least that’s how it seems. For pure entertainment value, however, I’m looking forward to another season (or at least a few more months) of “Farrell Face” and baffling post-game pressers. Warp speed to Opening Day 2017!