This was supposed to be the September that broke them. The one that saw them play 21 games against division rivals and likely bend to the Orioles or the Jays or — God help us — the suddenly resurgent Yankees.

Instead, the Red Sox have laid waste to everyone in their paths, going 14-5 and currently riding a seven-game win streak against the Yanks, who they essentially eliminated, and the Orioles.

It has been an amazing stretch of baseball. And because of it, the Red Sox have lowered their magic number to 6 with 10 left to play. In other words, and God have mercy on me for saying this out loud, they are pretty much a lock for winning the AL East.

If the post-win dance moves are any indication, it’s gonna be a pretty awesome post-season. Last night, Andrew Benintendi followed up his game-changing there-run homer by giving us the whitest Michael Jackson routine ever recorded. But that’s okay. Because when you’re winning, everything else is just gravy.

Tonight, we have David price on the hill and chance to knock the magic number to 4 (provided the Blue Jays lose). And I can think about is what the outfielders have planned for us if we win.