Roughly 48 hours ago, the Red Sox were on life support. Bums. Droppers of 7 of their last 10 games. Bereft of competent starting pitching. Owners of an offense gone anemic. Done, Doner, Donest.

But now? With back-to-back dramatic, late inning comebacks over their last two games? These guys are world beaters once again. I’m not just drinking the Kool-Aid, I’m mainlining that shit. I now fully expect them to end this road trip with 27 wins, and god damn the man or woman who tells me that’s impossible for an 11 game swing. THESE ARE THE BOSTON RED SOX.

Last night, they lulled the Mariners into a sense of 1-0 complacency until Mighty Aaron Hill tied the game with a solo home run in the eighth. This set up Mookie Betts to deliver a game winning home run in the ninth. Of course, Craig Kimbrel had to come in to secure it in the bottom of the ninth, but he clearly got the memo that Boston is in “ALL WIN, ALL THE TIME” mode and made quick work of the Mariners. So there ya go.

As if that wasn’t enough, word came down shortly after the win that Golden Boy Prospect Andrew Benintendi would be called up to the bigs for Wednesday’s game. Is this all part of the Dombrowski Master Plan? An attempt to shame the rest of the AL with our embarrassment of riches? A Reagan-esque show of force and willingness to be crazy enough to push the button? A throwing of the gauntlet to any team that thinks their youth movement trumps ours?

Damned if I know. But I like it. Here’s to winning. Here’s to Mookie.