The Red Sox front Office Members that met in the dugout at Angel Stadium before Sunday’s game were a curious sight. There were 12 in total, including Boston Red Sox President of Operations Dave Dombrowski, Assistant GM Brian O’Halloran and GM Mile Hazen. With the likes of John Farrell making an appearance, along with Frank Wren (Senior VP of baseball operations), it is little wonder that conversations about baseball betting lines were put on hold in favor of the subject that brought these front office members together.

This isn’t the first time such meetings have been held, primarily regarding the trade deadline, though they have typically taken place at locations away from Angel Stadium. While the meeting at the dugout might have been called to discuss potential trades, the chances are high that another subject might have been on the agenda.

After all, the team needs decide on which reliever to option to Triple-A Pawtucket on Monday (which is when closer Craig Kimbrel will be activated from the disabled list). The officials have a lot to discuss when it comes to the active roster.

It should be noted that Farrell has been absent from most of the meetings that have taken place outside Angle Stadium, though he has remained in communication with Dombrowski and Hazen, talking to the pair on a number of occasions during this trip.

According to Farrell, conversations with the other front office members are rarely as serious as some people presume. They all talk to one another a number of times throughout the day, and the conversations are often casual, though more serious matters can sometimes arise.

Little about Farrell’s demeanor suggests that he is worried, Farrell himself admitting that he had every confidence in the Red Sox’s abilities to win. The team has a lot of talent under their control, more than enough to not only maintain their place in the division but to come out victorious. Whether or not Farrell’s confidence in the Red Sox will manifest tangible results remains to be seen.

Experts believe that the Red Sox could use another reliever and starter. There is a lot of excitement surround the return of Craig Krimbel who should positively impact the Red Sox’s performance.

Even with Brad Ziegler sliding into a setup role and complementing Junichi Tazawa, though, the Red Sox need another reliever. The team’s decision to rely on Tazawa for the next few months is likely to backfire.

Despite their offense scuffling lately, the Red Sox do not require an additional hitter. They are better off focusing their attention on Left Field, possibly even getting Brock Holt back in a utility role.

Holt is still playing well, and the Red Sox are yet to make full use of their superstar outfield Prospect Andrew Benintendi. The left-handed hitter should effectively complement the right-handed hitting outfielder Chris Young (who should be starting his rehab assignment next Monday).

Young is making steady progress, gradually increasing the running, though he still has a lot of stages to work through. He should return in time to make a difference where it counts, perfectly complementing Brock.