The Red Sox came into today’s game having lost 7 of their last 10, fallen into third place in the East and whittled any hopes we had of seeing October baseball at Fenway down to just a tiny nub. When they saddled up for the ninth inning, down 3-0 to the Angels, the only thing that seemed certain about their immediate future was a two hour flight to Seattle ripe with failure and beer farts. This was going to be another one of those west coast trips that ended our postseason campaign, and all that’d be missing was Dave Stewart firing fastballs at our nuts as we stumbled back home.

But then, amazingly, dramatically, unbelievably, the offense became a heat-seeking missile in the top of the ninth, delivering four hits and five runs, including home runs from Dustin Pedroia and Xander Bogaerts, to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Also, much to Denton’s chagrin, John Farrell proved the most important man on the field when he got himself tossed to save Pedroia, who was livid after a neck-high third strike call. If Farrell didn’t intervene, Pedey gets tossed, and no magic happens. So we give Farrell his props today and maybe drop a bet in his favor at William Hill.

Of course, the hero, unquestionably, was Pedey. And if you need reaffirmation of his status among his teammates, just check this polite Gatorade shower that includes free dry-off service from Xander:

I understand that this comeback came against Huston Street, who has been bloody awful since coming off the DL. And the Red Sox still have Seattle and the Dodgers to get through before they head back east. But baseball is a game of momentum, and if this game doesn’t charge them up for a torrid stretch run then nothing will. Suddenly a road trip that could have started 1-3 is starting 2-2 and sometimes that little bit of magic is all you need to carry you through.

I’ve got my fingers crossed. Suggest you do the same.