At what point is it too much? At what point is it just so embarrassing for opposing teams to get their asses whipped by the Red Sox that they stop showing up for games altogether? At what point do they simply request that Major League Baseball assign them a loss and go about their business?

These are questions we may have to answer soon. Because the Red Sox are on what scientists would call “one hell of a freakin’ tear,” during which they’ve won five in a row while scoring 51 runs over the last four games. And that’s not a misprint there. Fifty-one runs in four games.

And it hasn’t exactly been Captain Cold and the legion of second-tier villains that the Sox have been beating up on. A couple nights ago it was Sonny Gray. Tonight it was the reigning Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel. Tomorrow night it’ll be some other unsuspecting punk who falls victim to the Bats of Doom.

Tonight it was the usual suspects making shit happen. Jackie Bradley Jr., of course, had a couple hits, putting his hitting streak at 18 games. Xander belted a two-run homer. Mookie went yard, too, and drove in three. In fact, everyone in the Red Sox starting line-up had at least one hit, and double-digit runs were achieved for the fourth straight game.

Perhaps more importantly, David Price seemed to get things straightened out, going six and two-thirds and giving up just one measly run while striking out 12. Needless to say, with their starter dealing and the bats waging holy war, the Sox smelled blood early on. And stuff like this happened:


Is it ever gonna stop? Probably not. I can already sense that this season is gonna be special. And think of how awesome it’s gonna be when John Farrell becomes the first Red Sox manager to go World Series-last place-last place-World Series. I got chills, people.

Anyway, here’s X’s blast:

…and the inevitable Gatorade bath:

More winning to tend to tomorrow. Go to sleep, Red Sox Nation.