Here’s the thing. With Papi out of the line-up last night and someone named Sean O’Sullivan on the hill, I figured that even against the hapless A’s, the Red Sox might be in for a tussle. A half an hour later the Sox were up 8-0, on their way to their third straight and twentieth win, and I was pretty much convinced that this offense is gonna carry us to the promised land.

You’ve heard that expression “your mouth is writing checks your body can’t cash”? Well last night I bet the farm on a World Series parade in November. I got Papi winning the MVP and announcing another year on the payroll in late July. I got Rick Porcello as Cy Young and Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts and Hanley Ramirez hitting .402 and ending the season in a three-way tie for AL batting champ. Manager of the Year? Polish the shit out of that trophy and have it spot-welded to John Farrell’s desk immediately. Christ, Chris Young got three hits last night. If that doesn’t convince other teams to pack their shit and go home, nothing will.

Again, it is important to remember that last night’s 16 hit, 13 run barrage happened with David Ortiz on the bench. And no one was more surprised than him.

This isn’t crazy talk. Crazy talk is saying that the Orioles are gonna pose a threat to our AL East domination. Or that the Blue Jays are gearing up for a run. Or that the Yankees are relevant in 2016.

There’s magic on this team. Things are clicking. Things are making sense. And is it any coincidence that all of a sudden Jonny Gomes is back in the States and ready for action?

Maybe. Maybe not. All I ask is that you keep your calendar clear in October.