I’m sorry if I just jinxed him with that headline, but I am embracing JBJ mania with both hands. After two seasons in the cellar and the bad taste of the Jon Lester departure and the Pablo Sandoval arrival still lingering, the JBJ rebirth is a feel-good story to rival the citywide uplift of the 2013 World Series championship. A mere one year ago, Jackie Bradley Jr. was chasin’ down flies at McCoy, where he played half the season. Today, we almost can’t imagine life without him in the Fenway line-up. Yesterday, in the Red Sox’ 9-1 win over the Indians, he extended his hitting streak to 26 games. It wasn’t pretty, but it counted:

JBJ also helped Joe Kelly carry a no-hitter through 6 and 2/3 innings with this defensive gem, proving he’s “a man who does both” (offense and defense).

Today he goes for 27 games. And if it ends today or keeps going for the next years, JBJ’s streak has been just one of the things making Red Sox baseball fun again. Coincidentally, our readers think it’ll keep going until such time that Jackie deems to prove himself mortal.

And let’s give some props to Kelly, who put in a stellar performance just off the DL; Xander, who kept his own hitting streak alive with two hits; and Mookie Betts, who got a grand slam off Joba Chamberlain to earn himself a “mini” version of the Gatorade bath.

Are we having fun? Damn straight we are.