Look, barring any Christmas miracles in September, the Yankees are gonna make the postseason. There is almost nothing we can do to prevent this. The best we can do is make the Yankees’ road to the wild card as painful and drawn-out as possible. If we can keep them from clinching it on our watch, even better.

Needless to say, I’ve been happy to see the 2015 Red Sox’ “Too Little Too Late” Tour continue to pull in wins in the Bronx. With two in a row in New York — and five altogether, a 2015 first — we’ve helped make the Yankees’ late September a little more nerve-wracking. And that’s good.

It’s a lost season, folks. If we can get to .500, if X can get 200 hits, and if we can postpone any Yankees champagne parties until we’re out of town, then I say well done.

Also, how happy are the Yankees gonna be when Jackie Bradley Jr. finally leaves New York? Dude is like a ball magnet in that vast outfield.