With the Red Sox slowly fading into off-season oblivion with a whimper (let’s not even talk about last night’s turgid loss to the Jays), we have to find our excitement somewhere else. One good source is the Cubs-Cardinals series that kicked off last night with a couple hit batsmen, two home runs by the coolest name in baseball (Starlin Castro) and a classic Joe Maddon post-game presser in which he denounced the Cards for “intentionally” throwing at Anthony Rizzo after Matt Holliday was “accidentally” plunked.

The rant is classic Maddon, and although this video clip only captures a few high points (“we don’t start stuff, but we finish stuff”), the quotes in this recap, which include a Tony Soprano reference, are top notch.

I never really cared for the Cardinals, and was happy to stomp them in the 2013 World Series (and, honestly, if someone has to get hit, Matt Holliday’s a pretty good choice).

And although I was never a huge Maddon fan, I’ll put my chips behind Chicago in the postseason.