Is this real life? Are the same Red Sox who were pretty much throwing in the towel in June suddenly the hottest team in baseball? Sure as hell looks like it, with 4 wins in their last five games and a jump from nine to five games out in the AL East.

Is this how it’s gonna be, Red Sox? Am I gonna have to wrap my head around the idea of whether Porcello or Masterson starts game four of the 2015 ALCS? Or whether Blake Swihart or Travis Shaw deserves that last postseason roster spot? Or whether I want to mortgage my house for World Series tickets or just settle for the ALDS?

These problems could become very real if the Red Sox continue on their current pace. And, of course, that requires the full health of Mr. Xander Bogaerts, who has been an absolute terror this season and is clearly making a push for the 2015 All Star team. Last night was just another example of Better Living Through Bogaerts, as X turned on a 3-2 pitch from Carter “crazy feet” Capps with the bases loaded and done brought everyone home, putting us on top for good.

The only person who probably didn’t have a good time last night was Mike Napoli, who was on the bench to watch Travis Shaw go 3-for-4 at first base.

For those who missed Xander’s latest highlight reel footage. here it is again:

Now, would someone please stop screwing around and just drive Xander to Cincinnati for christ sake?

Here’s how to vote for Xander for #ASG2015:

1) text A1 to 89269
2) vote online
3) use #XforASG on Friday 7/10 from 10am to 4pm ET

You got that, people?