In a season in which the Sox haven’t sniffed .500 for months, I didn’t expect a bunch of All Star game representatives to come from our team. But I was surprised to see superutilityman Brock Holt get the nod over Xander Bogaerts. In many ways, it makes sense; after all, the game counts for World Series home field advantage and having a guy on the bench who can play any position, any time is a valuable thing. On a personal level, however, I was rooting for Bogaerts, and thought a trip to the ASG would be nice vindication after last year’s semi-disaster of a season.

The good news is that X-Man has been selected as one of the five AL players that fans can vote to send to the ASG. If you feel like making The Prince of Aruba a part of your All Star Game viewing party, here’s what you can do:

1) text A1 to 89269
2) vote for X online
3) use the #XforASG hashtag on Twitter on Friday, JUly 10, from 10am to 4pm ET

Of course, we don’t want to influence your voting either way. Still, I’ll just leave this right here.