Last night’s Red Sox win was everything we needed exactly when we needed it. A starter — in this case, Rick Porcello — actually going seven strong innings and giving up just two hits. Another home run from Hanley Ramirez, who now has 10 in April and is on pace for roughly 2,183 this season (or possibly less; I’m not strong with math). A brief return to 2013 postseason form for Koji, who struck out the side in the ninth to close it. And yet another highlight reel catch from Mookie Betts. Just watch the clip above and remind yourself that this guy came up through the system as a second baseman.

With some truly shitty games in this week’s rear view and the first-place Yankees coming to town, all we can do is hope that this win sparks a good run. At the very least, seeing how good we can be when all the pieces click, I’ll take it as proof that things may not be as bad as they seem.

Also, I can’t stop watching that effin catch!