clay buchholz

The news that Clay Buchholz has been officially named the Opening Day starter for the Red Sox was hardly a surprise? Who else was gonna get the nod? Joe Kelley? Justin Masterson? You, Lieutenant Weinburg?

Naw, this was The Clay Show from the minute the gates opened in Fort Myers, and it will remain that way barring injury, Cole Hamels, or complete mental breakdown. And I seriously hope Clay comes up huge this season. He’s had practically everyone in Red Sox Nation working against him since Lester, Peavy and Lackey left town, and very few votes of confidence that he can rise to the level of number one starter. I’m gonna put him down for 15 wins this year, because I’m thinking nothing will motivate him like having something to prove. Also, because I drink a lot.

BTW, you can’t tell me that one of the perks of having Buchholz on this team isn’t the fact that he looks like he leaves the park every night to pull a shift at the local Jiffy Lube. Check that photo above. Isn’t that the guy who tries to sell you on a transmission flush and replacement windshield wipers when all you wanted was a goddam twenty buck oil change?