So our old pal Jonathan Papelbon got tossed from a game today after making an “obscene” gesture to the fans who booed him for another shit performance. Here is said gesture:


Pap claims he was adjusting himself, and the sad thing is, he half-assed it so bad with this gesture, it could have been mistaken for a simple cup shift. Or a guy dealing with sudden onset of swamp ass. Either way, not a strong effort. Which is a shame considering all he had to do for maximum lewd impact was follow the example set by another former Red Sox: Derek Lowe in game five of the 2003 ALDS.

Apparently still bitter over Oakland bunting a run across on him in game one of the series, D-Lowe gave the A’s bench the full “bite my tweeter” after shutting them down in the clincher — a maneuver that allegedly brought Miggy Tejada to tears.

Here it is again. And let this be a lesson to all would-be lewd gesturers: this is how it’s done.